Oser partir.

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                                                                                                              “…I care to be remembered about a juridical conception of love, and about the science of thinking (i.e.  the unconscious).”

Giacomo B. Contri, cited : ‘A tutti i Soci della Società Amici del Pensiero’ - December 16, 2021.




How can be caught back that bond of relationship to which the unconscious offers the only practicable way, also if swamped by a multiple, and otherwise misleading, interpretation[1] ?

Here it is why any simplicity is then the convenient result of a complex, but not compulsory long, individual work.


                                     Marina Bilotta Membretti, Cernusco sul Naviglio - December 19, 2021


[1] A same sentence can in the meantime say ‘To leave for a journey’ or on the opposite ‘to divide, to separate’ : here ‘Oser partir’ is in French language.