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Original painting by Gianni Russomando[1].




“Beware of despising one of these little ones…” Mt 18, 6-10




What does connect “Law, Science, Trust”[2], headwords otherwise in a loose order ?

We know about unconscious just when sanctioning – and quite rightly then – our conscience and a few of her awkward expressions.

It is just in the sanction, alert and never depressed, that unconscious is turning out as ‘science of thinking’ and conscience cannot ignore that : amnesias infact are only of conscience[3], while unconscious is free and does intervene indeed recovering that essential connection, put out of use by the faint - or forgetfulness - of our conscience.

It is still an urged thinking, or unconscious, to recognize a start up by an other one, otherwise said imputability of that urging which makes of any affection an unavoidable judgement, which most of the time has been diverted however, or silenced : and we have to say that, as the years go by, the temptation to dilute everything we were beginning to understand since newborns, is less and less resistable.

But, as the science of thinking goes hand in hand with the reliability on someone else who begun,  starting the affection of whom is so becoming his, or her partner, when one of the two deviates the sanction banalizing that affection, the competence of a healthy and cared for[4]  thinking can dispense with anguish.


Marina Bilotta Membretti - Cernusco sul Naviglio March 1, 2022



[1] Gianni Russomando, biography : “I’m born in Vercelli (1956). Graduated at ‘Istituto di Belle Arti di Vercelli’, I can describe me as a simple ‘amanuense’ (medieval hand-painter). Far from expositions and competitions, it’s not a long time I’m on social media with a very personal aim : to give just a flash of quiet to anyone watching at my simple works.”

[2] ‘Tre capitoli’, Giacomo B. Contri ‘Contributo 7 gennaio 2022’ - Simposio ‘Amore’ 2021-2022 www.giacomocontri.it

[3] https://www.tutorsalus.net/index.php/it/economia-1-talento-di-pensiero/214-musicofilia-oliver-sacks

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