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‘The cathedral of Salisbury seen from the lands of the bishop’, John Constable 1823// Screenshot by  Google for my own desktop.



“The prospect theory… can’t change the value of a result…, when this is very improbable or when the alternative has a high value.” [1]



The generic option towards a virtual state – even plausible – slips on the cramped horizon of the nearest puddle.

In the real life a masterpiece[2] comes up that is a pleasure…!



Marina Bilotta Membretti / Cernusco sul Naviglio – January 1, 2023



[1]  Cited from : ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’, by D. Kahneman (2011), Mondadori Libri SpA 2015, p.385.

[2] “ … the Defender of salus – and particularly the psychoanalist – has no other means but the common ones to the mankind (that is thinking and language), which are not subject to any authorization.”, cited from ‘Il Difensore della salute. Una categoria e le sue varietà professionali (psicoanalisi e altre)’, public Document, edited by Giacomo B. Contri according to the Italian law  14 gennaio 2013, n. 4