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To benefit from one’calling[1] / 4.



                                                                       A psychoanalyst is not ingenuous[2].



                                                              Marina Bilotta Membretti / Cernusco sul Naviglio - April 15, 2022[3]





[1]  www.tutorsalus.net/index.php/en/pensare-da-partner-2/358-psychoanalyst-and-profession-1

[2] “There isn’t trust, reliability when there is no profit for the other one.”, cited by ‘Tre capitoli’, Contribution January 7, 2022 by Giacomo B. Contri to the Symposium ‘Amore’ 2021-2022.

[3] Original painting by Gianni Russomando : born in Vercelli (1956), graduated at the ‘Istituto di Belle Arti di Vercelli’, he describes himself as an ‘amanuense’ (medieval hand-painter) and far from expositions and competitions.