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simple partnership[1].

To benefit from one’s calling[2]/16.


“The aim of an analysis is to re-form one’s own thinking but more mature than the beginning, a thought which was disabled, unauthorized… The first general discovery of a psychoanalyst should be his, or her own freedom of psychology : he can authorize on his, or her own, and it could not be otherwise, in all the legal capacity of word itself : he, or she lives socially and professionally on his, or her legal permission like an entrepreneur, a writer, a politician, a philosopher, a social promoter.”[3]

“I’ve already distinguished between common thinking, friend of an Order, and sole thinking, as a systematic and pathogenic imposition. The least we could expect from someone formed as a psychoanalist as a particular case, is that he, or she aims to make Society with someone else similar to him, or her : not a psychoanalytic Society that is of the particular case. I’ve called it ‘Società Amici del pensiero’…”[4]


Since 2011, as a supporting partner, I join the ‘Società Amici del pensiero’ founded by Giacomo B. Contri.


Marina Bilotta Membretti / Cernusco sul Naviglio – November 17, 2022


Original painting by Gianni Russomando[5].



[1] ‘Civil law partnerships’ or ‘simple partnerships’ maybe correspond to our Italian ‘società semplice’: see the articles from 2249 to 2290 of Italian Civil Code. “The simple partnership necessarily ha sas its object the exercise of a ‘non commercial’ activity and is the normal kind for this activity, the one meant adopted unless it turns otherwise. This happens for agriculture, handicraft, and activities of intellectual professionists”, in ‘Gli imprenditori e le società’, Francesco Ferrara – ‘Dott. A. Giuffrè Editore’, Milan (1978), p.249 / “…The companies that have as their object the exercise of a different activity (from the commercial one – editor’s note) are ruled by the provisions about the simple partnership (articles from 2251-2290 of the Italian Civil Code)…”, cited from art. 2249 Italian Civil Code); “in the simple partnership the contract is not governed by special forms, except for the forms required by the nature of assets conferred.” (art. 2251 Italian Civil Code).  

[2] www.tutorsalus.net/index.php/en/pensare-da-partner-2/358-psychoanalyst-and-profession-1

[3] ‘La formazione dello psicoanalista’, Giacomo B. Contri Parag.IV ‘certezza della tecnica’ in ‘THINK !’ – 2014, May 17-18.

[4] ‘La formazione dello psicoanalista’, Giacomo B. Contri Parag. VI ‘Società nell’amicizia del pensiero’ in ‘THINK!’ – 2014, May 21.

[5] Gianni Russomando, short biography : “I’m born in Vercelli (1956), graduated at the ‘Istituto di Belle Arti di Vercelli’, I describe myself as an ‘amanuense’ (medieval hand-painter) and far from expositions and competitions.”

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